The Neuer lab team includes undergraduate, graduate students and post-docs studying the link between plankton diversity, trophic dynamics and the biological carbon pump in the modern and ancient oceans.


2016 Ocean Sciences Meeting

The Neuer Lab headed to New Orleans, LA to present their latest findings at the 2016 Ocean Sciences Meeting. Bianca Cruz presented a poster on the aggregation and sinking of Synechococcus under nutrient limitation and clay addition; Megan Wolverton presented on the... read more

ASLO e-lecture on the Biological Carbon Pump available

Neuer, Susanne, Morten Iversen, and Gerhard Fischer. 2014. The Ocean’s Biological Carbon Pump as Part of the Global Carbon Cycle . Limnol. Oceanogr. e-Lectures, doi:10.4319/lol.2014.sneuer.miversen.gfischer. Abstract The Biological Carbon Pump includes all those... read more